Electric Scooter Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022

Electric scooters are eco-friendly, fun, and a pretty convenient vehicle that can replace your walk. When a distance is too short for a drive but a bit long for a walk you can use an electric scooter. This will not break your wallet but get your work done easily. We have given you 10 best electric scooters lists and all of them are are available at a huge discount price during this Electric Scooter Black Friday sale.

Before grabbing the electric scooter black friday discount you must know some essential features that are its top speed, the max distance it can travel with a full charge, its weight, and if you can fold it or not. In case you are going out at night, a light is also needed for you. After getting all the information you should grab the electric scooter black friday deals otherwise you may have low quality scooter in this Electric scooter black friday & cyber monday sale.

Electric Scooter Black Friday Deals 2022

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Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter Black Friday

The Power Core E90 from Razor is the best selling scooter in amazon in this Electric Scooter Black Friday sale. This comes with a Power core Hub motor, has push-button acceleration control, and retractable kickstand.

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter Black Friday


  • Top Speed: 10 MPH
  • Runtime: 80 Minutes
  • Weight: 22 lbs

The Razor E90 power core is an affordable electric scooter with some great specs. It has a top speed of up to 10MPH. And it will run continuously for 80 minutes with a full charge. The zero-emission electric power results in a super quiet ride. This is also maintenance-free.

It has a 12v sealed lead acid rechange able battery. The charger is also included with the scooter. The Razor power core hub E90 offers a 2x longer run time than the normal E90 model. You get a hand-operated front brake and also urethane front wheel and TPU rear. The front brake lets you stop the scooter easily and smoothly. The kickstand is very useful too.

The total weight of the scooter is 22lbs which is pretty light. The best part is you can fold it easily and carry it anywhere you go. This can take max 120lbs rider weight. This is a perfect product for 8-12 years of children.

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Segway Electric Scooter Black Friday

The Segway Ninebot Max is one of the best electric scooters out there in this Electric Scooter Black Friday sale. This has a heavy motor for covering long distances. You get a portable folding design for carrying purposes. And you get a 1-year warranty.

Segway Ninebot Max Electric Scooter Black Friday

The Segway Ninebot Max has a whooping 350-watt powerful motor. This motor is capable of providing a top speed of 18.6 mph up to 40 miles range. Can you imagine 40 miles with a single charge which is unbelievable? This can carry a weight up to 220lbs which is enough for a human being. The Ninebot max has an impressive battery management system and has a 551WH battery. As a result, it provides you 40 miles of runtime continuously.

It features a one-step portable folding design. You can eventually fold it in just 3 seconds. Thus you can carry it easily as per your need or even fold it quickly and put it in your car if needed.

The Segway Ninebot Max has both mechanical and electrical Anti-Lock system. This ensures a safe braking system providing you a safe ride. It has 10-inch pneumatic tires that provide a comfortable and smooth riding even on bumps or in rough surfaces.

Additionally, it comes with LED display, Bluetooth capabilities, cruise control, different riding modes, and also mobile app connectivity feature. The unique design makes it IP7 water resistance on its core part like motors. By installing the app from the App Store or Google Play you can easily track all your ride details on your mobile phone. There is a 2.5W LED in the front. You also get automatic rear/brake light with the Segway Ninebot Max. All these features make this a perfect scooter for this Electric Scooter Black Friday sale.

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Lascoota Electric Scooters Black Friday

The Lascoota Electric scooter is a lightweight, non-slip, and extra-wide scooter suitable for children of 8 years and above. It has a wide space to feel comfortable;e while keeping your foot on it.

Lascoota electric Scooter

This is made of aluminum and steel and has a rubber handle for an easy and comfortable grip. You can rely on the brakes and it also has front suspension design for your daily comfortable ride. It is also very easy to assemble.

The Lascoota electric scooter is equipped with a push-up folding mechanism. This helps you to fold and unfold it in seconds thus make your life easier. Since it is lightweight, carrying it to a place it not a big deal. You also get a strap to carry with anywhere you go.

Both the front and rear wheels have high-quality wear-resistant PU wheels that provide smooth ride experience absorbing the shocks. This also makes the Lascoota electric scooter suitable for pavement.

Additionally, you can adjust the height of the handlebar as per your need. You can set it to 35/37/39 inch. It can easily carry max weight up to 200lbs. This makes the scooter suitable for almost every kid out there.

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Razor E Prime III Electric Scooter Black Friday

Razor E Prime III is a mid-premium range electric scooter from Razor that offers great value for money. You will get a long-distance range, pneumatic front tire, and lightweight, and easily foldable for travel purposes.

Razor E Prime III

The max speed you can achieve is 18 mph. The Razor E Prime III has a 250-watt motor which helps you to achieve a top speed of 18mph. The distance or range you will get this max speed is 15 miles, which is simply awesome.

As discussed, it has a weight of 24.2 kgs which is pretty light considering the 250watt powerful motor. You can easily fold it without any hustle. Thus carrying it wherever you go will not be a headache. It also features a LED light for night time. You also get a brake-activated taillight and reflective decals for better visibility.

The Razor E Prime III scooter comes with 200mm pneumatic front tire. This not only provides a good grip but also absorbs shock on the road providing you a smooth ride. This scooter is balanced in such a way that rear-wheel drive apportions greater weight to the rear, enhancing both drive traction and ease of steering.

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Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter Black Friday

If you are looking for a good electric scooter for your kid in this Electric Scooter Black Friday sale, Gotrax GKS is the go-to option for you. It is one of the highest-rated electric scooters on Amazon. You can use it both as an electric and kick scooter.

Gotrax Electric Scooter Black Friday

The start is very unique here. Just put your one leg on the front button and kick to start. Once the scooter gets a speed of 1.8 mph place your second foot on the gravity sensor on the back side. And you can easily achieve a top speed of 7.5mph.

The Gotrax GKS electric scooter equipped with a 150-watt motor which can produce a max speed of 7.5 mph. This is perfectly suitable for your kid and also safe to ride. The wheel size is 6”. This results in ride safety as well as navigate sidewalks and neighborhood streets. Also, the rubber wheel provides a good grip on the road.

This scooter weighs only 17lbs which is one of the lightweight scooter you can found in this Electric Scooter Black Friday 2020 sale. This also helps you kids to carry it anywhere easily. This can carry weight up to 154 lbs which is enough for a kid. This is perfectly suitable for kids of 6-12 years of age. The folding and assembly is also very simple.

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Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter Black Friday

Hiboy Max is a high end electric scooter for commute and travel purpose. It delivers superior perforance with a reasonable price tag. This has a 350 watt brushless motor which can produce a max speed of 18.6 mph. The range it delivers this speed is upto 17 miles which is superb.

You get 1-second foot actuated folding feature with the Hiboy Max electric scooter. Thus folding it quickly is not a big deal. You can carry it single handedly with comfort.

Hiboy Max Electric Scooter

It has 8.5 inch solid tires both front and rear wheel. The braking system is also very impressive. You get both E-Braking and disc braking feature. The right-hand brake slow the scooter down and the let one has a twist-grip brake which stops the scooter completely. The front wheel is also equipped with shock absorber feature that reduce the vibration and provides you a smooth ride.

The speed control feature is pretty straigth forward. The Hiboy max also has a cruise control feature. Place your foot in the accelerator pedal for 6 seconds at 8mph or faster to activate cruise control. You will hear a beep sound just before the cuise control is activated.

This has a 270WH battery to generate all the speed over a long range. This supports 17 miles of range with a single full charge which is really impressive.

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Razor E300 Electric Scooter Black Friday

The Razor E300 is the best value for money electric scooters you can buy in this Electric Scooter Black Friday sale. It offers almost the same max speed as other high-end electric scooters out there.

The Razor E300 has 250-watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor which helps to achieve a max speed of 15 mph. Also, this can deliver this max speed for 40 continuous minutes. This is almost on par with the more expensive high-level electric scooters. It also has a wide deck so that you can keep both your foot comfortably.

Razor E300 electric

Due to its wide deck and large tires, the Razor E300 is not the lightest electric scooter. But it’s not on the heavier side also. The E300 weighs 42 lbs. It can take weight up to 220 lbs. The only downside is that you can’t fold it. You can only dismantle the handlebar to carry it easily. I know this is not the most convenient option but you have to live with it.

Additionally, you get twist-grip acceleration control with the Razor E300. The extra-wide 10-inch tires provide excellent grip on the road and also help the brakes. There is also a hand-operated rear brake. you get a kickstand to leave your scooter anywhere. Razor also provides you an extra safety feature with the E300 electric scooter.

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Glion Dolly Electric Scooter Black Friday

Gilon Dolly is a perfect electric scooter for adults in this Electric Scooter Black Friday sale. This is made of aluminum steel which is sturdy in daily commutes and also gives the scooter a premium look.

Gilon Dolly

This is powered by a powerful 250-watt brushless motor. This motor is located at the rear wheel. It delivers the required power for a smooth ride. The max speed it can achieve is 15 mph. The wheels are equipped with 8-inch tires with a honeycomb interior. These are no maintenance tires.

On the right hand, you get a twist-grip accelerator and on the left hand, you have brake option. Braking is smooth and secure. This also has an anti-lock electronic brake system located inside the rear hub motor.

The Gilon Dolly foldable electric scooter has 36V, 7.8 Ah rechargeable lithium battery. On a full charge, it will run up to 15 miles. This is more than enough for your daily commute. This is also a very lightweight scooter.

It weighs only 28 pounds which is great considering the 250-watt motor.

Due to this, you can fold it quickly and carry it easily wherever you go. It has patented dolly and vertical self-standing feature with 1-second foot-actuated folding. As a result, you can fold it in a second and easily carry it using the retractable dolly handle.

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This year Electric scooter black friday sale will start on the 25th of November.

HOW Should You Grab The Electric Scooter Black Friday Deals?

If you wants to grab the Electric Scooter Black Friday deals then you should follow my instruction or guide. At first you should go to the Amazon app and there you should type Electric Scooter Black Friday deals after that you will notice lot’s of Electric Scooter list appears in the first page and from there you can select the Electric Scooter that is available with huge discount.

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